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Blake 1.6.0 for Maya

Free character rig for Maya

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  • 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:12/16/2016
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  • Tyree Morrow

    Tyree Morrow said about 12 years ago:

    Thanks Jason! Awesome Rig!
  • Tyree Morrow

    Tyree Morrow said about 12 years ago:

    @ Angelo: I was having the same problem. Try this: Go to File>open scene>option, then where it says file type change to MayaAscii, select check box excecute script nodes and select check box Ignore Version. Under File type specific options you should be able to check the box. Then open the file from there. I may have done more than needed but I was able to open the file. Hope this helps. :)
  • Amanda Young

    Amanda Young said about 12 years ago:

    This seems like a good rig, however I am using Maya 2009 and the rig constantly causes Maya to freeze up. Typically its when moving the feet and sometimes when moving the tie, but really anything can do it. If you plan on using this rig, I would suggest using a less recent version of Maya.
  • Gangie81

    Gangie81 said about 12 years ago:

    Hi Jason, It looks like a great rig, but I can't seem to get the space switching to there a trick to it perhaps?? The change in parent doesn't seem to update when I playback the scene?? Is there a workaround for that or am I just doing soemthing wrong? If anyone could maybe help, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks
  • mike clark

    mike clark said over 12 years ago:

    Jason, Great job! The design is great! easily one of the most appealing rigs online. However there are a couple things that make it almost unusable in my opinion. - THE PROPORTIONS. -His knuckles are level with the hip joints! When first seeing the rig in T pose it jumped out at me the arms are too short. The hip joints should be halfway between the elbow and wrist. -His legs also are too short. Hips joints joints should be about half the length of the body. And not level with the croch. I know this isnt a realistic human, which is great. But since it is a human it should be based on human proportions or else it just looks wrong. especially in motion. - he cant put his arms at his side without intersecting the body. - translating the shoulders cause rotation in the arms ( this will be hell in pollishing) - arms should have a world parent option. thats all. great work so far! and thanks for sharing. keep it up.
  • Delano Athias

    Delano Athias said over 12 years ago:

    Nice rig, Jason! Neat character! I really only have a few issues: -His facial deformations feel a bit rigid, preventing the character from getting really extreme, pliable facial expressions, especially in his eyes and brows. -The spine doesn't seem to deform "naturally". I find myself struggling to get a good-looking line of action in his back. It could just be a matter of modifying where the spine controls pivot from. -Lastly, I don't like the way the shoulder rig behaves in FK mode. If there was a switch of some sort that would allow the orientation of the arms to stay put as the shoulders are manipulated, that would be great. Other than that, great rig! I love the rig's versatility! Thanks for building it. Using it for a dialogue animation. I'll send you a link to it, if you'd like. Hey, do you ever see yourself building a female version? There is a lack of good female rigs out there (e.g., I can count 3 off the top of my head). Thanks again :) Delano
  • quoc nguyen

    quoc nguyen said over 12 years ago:

    I love this rig! Only problem I have is with the tie. Whenever it's in FK mode and I try to translate/rotate any of the body controls, the tie stretches out of proportion. I don't know if it's just me, but If you or anybody who reads this, can help me fix this problem, that would be great. I needed to animate a character w/ a tie in my scene and it would be awesome if this could be fix. Thanks
  • Nick Watson

    Nick Watson said over 12 years ago:

    Fantastic Rig! Thank you very much, I love working with this character, the expressions you can get are excellent! I'm going to be using this in my demoreel, you can check out some of the animations I've done for him on my blog,
  • elite2864

    elite2864 said over 12 years ago:

    Great rig again!! Unfortunately for older Maya versions the customizations and the face-controls are gone!! Can you fix that??
  • alfamike88

    alfamike88 said over 12 years ago:

    can you please make a gui? awesome rig btw

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