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abxRenderLayers 1.6.0 for Maya (maya script)

Powerful tools to manage, export, and rebuild Maya's Render Layers

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Last Modified:06/16/2015
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Feature Request

Import layer compatible with referencing ?

Submitted by:andy gee andy gee
Hi We would like to see this script compatible with Maya referencing. At present importing layers from scene to scene only works when items have same name. When a scene is referenced it comes in with a prefix, or a character has been updated and the name is slightly different. the result is when we import layers from one character and try to place them on to the same character which has been updated either the rigg or texture etc ( but is the same character) but has a different increment or prefix when referencing, the layers when imported are blank. No errors are visible but the layers are blank. hope this can be fixed Also could we get a import ALL layers function also at present we have to import them one at a time. thanks Andy Gee

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