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Polygon NURBS Converter(Python script) 1.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Script for converting polygon to NURBS, and converting NURBS to polygon.

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Last Modified:11/14/2019
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***This script will no longer be updated. 
Be aware of that when you purchase the script.

-----------------------------------------------Version Updates-------------------------------------------------------

Polygon-NURBS Converter 1.1.0

- October 28, 2016

 PolyToNURBS function in the previous version converts only the selected OBJECTS(Version 1.0.0), 
but now(Version 1.1.0), not only the selected object but also selected FACES from the objects can be 
converted to NURBS, So you don't have to extract faces you want to convert, from the original object 
before executing this function, just select faces and click the button.

-----------------------------------------------Version Updates-------------------------------------------------------

Polygon-NURBS Converter 1.1.2

*This script is not available in MayaLT! Before purchasing, make sure that you buy the script for Maya, not MayaLT.


- December 26, 2017

Fixed some error problem with NURBSToPoly function.

- How to install   

    After downloading the script, load the script to Maya's script editor(Script Editor -> File -> Load Script) on Python tab,        
    and save it to shelf.(Script Editor -> File -> Save Script to Shelf) 


- Polygon To NURBS          

     Useful script for converting polygon mesh to NURBS surface. Select polygon objects you want to convert to NURBS,
     and press 'PolyToNURBS' button.

    'Original object' option is about choosing the state of selected objects after converted(Hide it, or keep it, or remove it.).

    'Quadrangle Check' is script for checking whether the faces of selected objects are all quadrangle or not. To convert
    polygon to NURBS surface correctly, all the faces of selected objects must be quadrangle. This script is included in
    'PolyToNURBS' function, so you don't have to run it for executing 'PolyToNURBS'. But just in case you want to check
    only polygon object's faces, I set it apart from 'PolyToNURBS' function .

     if there are some faces not proper for converting, the warning message will be displayed and these faces will be selected so if you
    do 'Isolate Selected', you can see them directly.

    The message you see if there are some faces not proper for converting is one of these.

        1. 'Some faces of selected objects are not quadrangle.' 
             <- This message is printed when some faces are not quadrangle.
        2. 'Some edges of selected object are unusually detached.'
            < - When modeling, I found a weird situation that whent selecting some edges and detaching them, sometimes the vertices
            included in these edges are not splitted even these edges are detached. So, this makes error when executing this function.
            So I set this to detect these weird components. 
            In this case, you have to delete them and make them again.

        3. 'Some faces are not quadrangle and some edges are unusually detached.'
            <- This message is printed when both of things happen when checking.

     Select polygon objects you want to convert to NURBS surfaces(all the faces of the polygon object
    you selected must be quadrangle), 
And select the option about the original object
    (Hide, Keep, Remove), and finally click the 'PolyToNURBS' button.

- NURBS to Poly        

      When converting NURBS to polygons, using 'NURBS to Polygons' command already existing in Maya is slightly incorrect,
     especially when the selected NURBS objects are bent or warped, or sometimes it requires some additional modifications,

     So I made a function that converts NURBS surface to polygons
     much more accurately and than the existing 'NURBS to Polygons' command in Maya,
     and without some bothering modifications, just converting it with maintaining its original shape and number of its spans.
     Just the same as 'PolyToNURBS' above, it also has an option about 'Original object'.

     Select NURBS surfaces you want to convert to polygon objects(even if those surfaces are in
    one group, select the surfaces, not only group), 
And select the option about the original object
    (Hide, Keep, Remove), and finally click the 'NURBSToPoly' button

- NURBS UV updown       
    Up or down spansU and spansV.

- Uniform NURBS Patch        

    Script for uniformalizing NURBS Surface's control vertices.
    'U only' is only for NURBS Surface's cvU, 'V only' is for cvV, 'Both' is for both.

- etc.(New functions will be added on this section. Any requests are welcomed.)        

    - Attach Surface(bunch)                               
        Attach all selected surfaces by their selection order.                       

    - Extend Surface(selected isoparm)               
        Extend surface from selected isoparm.

- How to assign hotkey          

     First, open hotkey editor(Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hotkey Editor). Set language as Python and write
    function name on command line. And before using hotkey you assigned, you have to open the script you saved on shelf
    by clicking the icon once to activate these functions in Maya.          
    - Name of the functions(Right side of the arrow is the name of the functions)   
        Quadrangle Check -> not_quad_check()         
        PolyToNURBS -> polygon_to_nurbs(original_object)                       

        * This 'original object' arguement is connected to Polygon NURBS Converter tool's 'Original object' option.
        So if you write arguement as 'original object', it follows default option settings, 'Hide'.
        If you want to specify that option, write function like this.                        
        NURBSToPoly -> nurbs_to_polygon(original_object)                               
        * It is same as PolyToNURBS' 'original_object' arguement above.                                                   

        NURBS UV updown                                   
            spansU Up -> nurbs_uv_ud(1)                                        
            spansV Up -> nurbs_uv_ud(v=1)                           
            spansU Down -> nurbs_uv_ud(-1)                                    
            spansV Down -> nurbs_uv_ud(v=-1)              

        Uniform NURBS Patch                                  
            U only -> uniform_patch(0)                                   
            V only -> uniform_patch(1)                                   
            Both(U and V) -> uniform_patch(2)               

            Attach Surface(bunch) -> attach_bunch()                                    
            Extend Surface(selected isoparm) -> extend_surf()

* I can't access to composing email or sending message page in this site, I don't know why but still does.
(I only guess that this happens because I live outside the US.) Fortunately I can read all requests and reviews and etc...
So if you leave your e-mail address when writing any reviews or request or something, I would really appreciate and
I can send you my reply and answer. 

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