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Fruit Bowl Grapes Leaves Apples Cut Damast Knife 3D Model

A Fruit bowl with customizable grapes, applesm leaves and a knife


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Includes Normal MapYes
Detail Levelhigh
Avg. Textures Res.8k


Last Modified:04/08/2017
Total Size of Files: 617 MB
A bowl of fruits with a complete set of textures and clean models for custom setup, ready to render.

This includes my packages:
- Apples
- Grapes Model Kit
- Knife Damast

It has a full construction set for custom bunches of grapes and a set of apples, including cut ones, complete with single aeeds.
It also includes a unique kitchen knife made of damast steel wich you really won't find anywhere else, because I forged it with my own hands.

8K textures included.
Suitable for super macro shots, especially if supported by procedurals for ultra fine detail.

- Diffuse
- Roughness
- Reflection
- Transmission
- Bump
- Normal
- Displacement
- Alpha

- 1x Example Composition
- 3x Apple whole Fruit
- 1x Apple Cut Side A with two unique Seeds
- 1x Apple Cut Side B with two unique Seeds
- Grape Seed
- Grape with Seed
- Grape + Stem
- Variation 2 x Grape and Big Stem
- Variation 3 x Grape and Big Stem
- Variation 4 x Grape and Big Stem
- 3x Big Stem of different Shapes
- Leaf Undeformed as base
- Leaf Deformed
- Bunch of Grapes with Leaf, Small
- Bunch of Grapes with Leaf, Big
- Knife: Blade and Hilt
- Wooden Bowl

Enjoy rendering!

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