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SELLING 3D M0DELS - True Secrets of 3D Artists book dollar banknotes 3D Model

This is a bundle of 2 products: 3D model and a Book in PDF format.


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  • 3ds Max (.max) - v2014


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Last Modified:09/08/2016
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This is a bundle of 2 products: 3D model and a Book in PDF format.

3D model:

This is complete studio render setup for product visualisation with presented models of book and dollar bills.This scene is Render Ready for 3dsmax 2014 with V-ray 3.0 or newer.Scene is illuminated with V-ray light and contains 2 Render Ready V-ray physical cameras. Contains hi-res textures.


41 pages of knowledge about selling 3D models online. Book is inside max format archive.

Table of contents:

1. Preface
2. Who is this book for
3. How I started as a seller
4. How long it takes to make real money
5. Motivation as the key to success
6. Pros and cons of this business
7. List of all marketplaces
8. The best strategy for beginners
9. How to feel market demand (with examples)
10. Sources of inspiration for market demand
11. How to find a niche (with examples)
12. How to build your brand
13. Examples of the worst project decisions
14. How to quickly and effectively discover your bestseller
15. Mixed or specialized category content
16. How to manage the price
17. Lists of annual sales from all the marketplaces
18. My bestsellers, 60+ sales of 1 model
19. The method to check any artist's bestsellers and estimate his income
20. Interview with one of the sellers with huge income

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