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Dark Arts - Tools for Maya 2.9.4 for Maya (maya script)

From modeling to texturing to animation to rigging, tools to speed up your workflow

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

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Last Modified:03/12/2019
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For professionals and students - this tool kit comes with so many invaluable shortcuts into Maya, from randomisers, to animation tools for perfect camera drifts, to mirroring or copying animation.
Lighting setups, incredible modeling tools - use particles to position objects - unfreeze frozen transforms and maybe the best of them all... the fast texturer which speeds up your workflow whilst removing the tedious side of texturing - and if you're not technically minded, it reconnects your shading network automatically.

-> Special offer on the new Poly Edge to Curve Tool <-

Animation Offsetter
Animation Drift
Fast Texturer (Support for: Mental Ray / Arnold / VRay)
Fast Production Shader setup for MIP shading network.
Color chart
Copy - Mirror Animation
Auto Pipe
Ground Snap
Surface Snap
Studio Lighting
Fast Scene Setup
Mirror Geometry Tool

Attribute Randomiser
UV Randomiser
Shader Randomiser
Selection Memory
Fast Selection
Realign polygon
Auto Locator - Maya to AFX
Time Warper Plus
And so much more.......

Dark Arts 2.94

Support for 2018 -> 2019
Improved support for Arnold / VRAY
Updated fast texturer


Dark Arts 2.83
NEW - Camera Shake tool
NEW - Verts to Curve - Proximity based
NEW - Pivot Aligment toggle
NEW - Camera Zoom/Pan controller - for fine backplate alignment
NEW - Remove namespace script
NEW - Thread Maker - for jars/lids etc.
UPDATED - Fast Texturer for Maya
UPDATED - Fast Texturer for Photoshop

Dark Arts 2.80
NEW - Fully OSX compatible
NEW - Selection Memory - Quickly iterate through previous selections
NEW - Poly Tools - Includes a new spacing option, great for text kerning or alignment justification.
UPDATED - Object to Curves: Improved usability

Dark Arts 2.73a
NEW - Poly Tools V0.42 added
UPDATED - AutoPipe v0.3
UPDATED - Poly Edge to Curve v0.92(Special conditions apply)
UPDATED - Mental Ray support/workflow 2016
UPDATED - Fast Texturer for Maya v1.13
UPDATED - Fast Texturer for Photoshop - Support for 2015
NEW - Quick Crease selection (Open Subdiv)
UPDATED - Mirror Geometry v0.57
NEW - Move UVs for Mirroring

Dark Arts 2.64
NEW - Support for 2016 added.
NEW - Gamma Workflow options for Mental Ray(For 2015ext + new color management system)
NEW - Fast connect for rigging.
NEW - Clock hands - Quickly connect clock hands with the correct spin ratio.
UPDATED - AutoFocus

Dark Arts 2.62/2.63:
NEW - Twirl - Quickly create a bendable rig with a high level of control - for flower stems/poles etc
NEW - MultiCut tool - allows you to subdivide multiple polygon objects evenly.
NEW - Shuffle Objects - Randomiser to shuffle objects using each others positions.
NEW - Radial Spread - Spreads objects quickly in a radial form.
UPDATED - Mirror/Copy Animation - Now lets you offset copied frames (To complete run cycles etc)
UPDATED - Fast Texturer
UPDATED - AutoFocus (Greater compatibility with OSX)
UPDATED - Randomisers

Dark Arts 2.60:

NEW - Object on Follicle - Allows you to animate an object along a surface.
NEW - Animation Offsetter - Animate 100s of objects quickly and precisely based on their world positions.
UPDATED - PolyEdge to Curve - New Quick curve feature (Note: Special offer on this tool)
UPDATED - Fast Texturer v1.02 
UPDATED - Object to Particle Position v0.7

SPEEDING UP MAYA - minimal learning curve

From Texturing/Modeling/Animation/Rigging/Curves/Project there's tools to speed up your workflow.


Fast Texturer v1.01 - Improved Mila support
V-Ray Support added
Arnold Support added
Mila - Mental Ray support added

Objects on Curve 0.5 - Heavily improved functionality
ReTranslate - Unfreezes your translate transforms
Objects along Curve (Animatable)
Copy / Mirror Animation added
Randomiser v0.3
Auto Pipe Updated
Object to Particle Position v0.4

Fast Texturer *(integrated with photoshop)
Quickly send UVs to photoshop with auto layer setups for Mental Ray/Arnold/V-Ray & Maya shaders.
Saves out all your color/spec/bump layers nicely named from photoshop.
Automatically connects the shaders with the most widely used shading network inside of maya.
No more gamma correction nodes or any of the tedious things for texturing.

Mirror / Copy Animation
Animate the pivot of your object to do the things dynamics makes hard.


Poly Edges to Curve (NOTE: Conditions apply)

Hands down the best new modelling tool out there -
quickly and accurately use curves to manipulate your geometry.

Depth of Field made easy

Randomise almost all of maya's attributes, translations to color values, to nCloth values etc etc.

Maya's mirror geomery tool done right.

Fun with cubes, amazing transitional effects with cubes and images.

Ground Snap
Snaps polygons to the ground

Export your locators and cameras to After Effects the easy way, with a one click solution

Quickly create animatable pipes from curves or edges in maya.


Animate the pivot of your object to do the things dynamics makes hard.

Re-align Rotation
Realign the Rotation of your polygon objects

TimeWarper Plus
Time warp your objects with real time display - get those Matrix effects the easy way.

Poly Tools
Finally some accurate modelling tools for Maya, insert cuts with precision at long last - resize objects, edges components accurately to any size.

And so much more........ 

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