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LookdevTools V1.82 (Redshift Render) 1.8.2 for Maya (maya script)

lookdevTools for autodesk Maya

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  • 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:08/09/2021
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+ 18 Map LightTexture(New!) 

 - change color light.

+ Fast Add SpriteNode

+ Add TriPlanar to all custom buttons

+ Keying GreenScreen Camera Layout CGi

(Create cameras for tracking scenes with greenscreen as layout quickly, serving the needs of CGi)

+ Library Material (Processing)

+ Megre Node-Place2dTexture

+ UnMegred Node-Place2dTexture

+ FogEditor & Create VolumeLight

+ UserColor

+ 155 HDRI 4K (NEW)

+ Bokeh texture

+ easy BlackMap 4k

+ Fast Shader

+ AOV Pass

+ Fast Proxy

+ Layer Render


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