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Save, Load, Scale Animation Keys into New File 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script allows you to copy animation keys into a text file and reload them into a new scene.

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Last Modified:11/15/2012
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Save\Load\Scale Keys Into New Scene
Piper Hudson & Katie Schiffer

This script allows the user to copy animation key frames from one scene and apply them to
another scene.


To copy keys to text file:

Select all controls of the objects whose keys you want to copy.
Click Add Objects to List Button.
Indicate the range of frames you want to be copied by entering the first and last frames that you want to be copied into the Start Frame and End Frame sections.
Paste the file directory.    Ex: "C:\mel\
Enter the desired name of your new .txt file.  Ex: "SavedKeys.txt"
Click save keys.
Open the file into which you wish to paste the copied keys.
In new file, click Load Keys button. Locate your .txt file.

If you wish to move or scale the pasted keys, indicate the current start and end frames of your keys.
Enter your desired New Starting Frame and New Ending Frame.
Click scale keys.

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