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Mirror Controllers tool (Python script) 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

A tool for mirroring controllers. It can mirror a pose from one frame to a another frame. Works with every rig.

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  • 2022

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Last Modified:12/17/2022
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This tool works with every rig and lets you
-Mirror controllers from one side to the opposide.
-Flip the pose.
-Flip the pose to a another frame.
-Flip only middle controllers
-Mirror only selected controllers
-Mirror only not selected controllers

1. Place the in the maya scripts folder. Path below can be copied

2. In the python script editor paste the folowing code
from digetMirrorControl import DigetMirrorControl

3. Create button on shelf by right clicking in script editor and select "Save Script to Shelf"

1. Select what the mirror axis direction is in the "mirror axis" dropdown menu.

2. Select what direction you wish to mirror in the "direction" dropdown menu.

By default it works with
-upper case L and R
-lower case l and r
-Lf and Rt

If your naming convention is one of the default then skip to step 4
3. Write your naming convention for the left side in the "left naming convention" textbox, and your right naming convention in the "right naming convention" textbox.

4. Click the "Mirror" button

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